Looking back at April

April 29, 2015 at 00:05

It has been the month of challenges. First there is the #SQLNewBlogger Challenge. In March Ed Leighton-Dick (b|t) called out to everybody to join him in this challenge and publish a blog post every Tuesday in April. After reading it I decided to join the challenge. I have published 3 posts so far and it’s both hard and fun. And I will continue to publish posts and create the time to write them (this week was a busy week so I did not have time to write a technical SQL Server post).

The second challenge is the Database Corruption Challenge (DBCC) started by Steve Stedman (b|t). We just finished week 3. Every Friday Steve publishes a post and describes a scenario about a corrupted database. You need to download the accompanied files and try to solve the problem before Monday 10.00 AM pacific time. This is a real nice challenge to learn and prepare you in case you ever encounter a corrupted database. I encourage everybody to give it a try.


So what’s next..

This is the last post for the #SQLNewBlogger Challenge. The DBCC challenge will run for another 7 weeks. Furthermore I decided to learn more about Windows Server 2012. I have some experience in working with Windows Server 2012R2, but I found out that it can be very useful if you can talk to the Windows admins and know more about Windows than just the standard functionality.